created 2014

created 2014

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Still practising

As you can see , I,m still practising with blogsy

Have had a sort out of my photos. And I came across these which deserve their own post

I snaffled them from the travelling craft box and all were made by steph , from show and tell

I did feel a tiny bit selfish as it is my first time with the box but these makes were hard to resist


A love and light brooch , beautifully embroided and framed with beads





3 guardian angels pin , brilliant detail



A wee witchy doodle , framed ,












Crocheted hello kitty amigurami , isn't,t she cute , comes with her own blanket, love the fairy yarn edging and on kitty's dress










A beautiful hanging fairy ,











A detailed backwork biscornu , with a green man charm , I want to have a go at this sometime , my biscornu collection is slowly growing










A free hug , I had a hard time choosing which one to keep , again beautifully stitched with beading roun the edge




Well , as you can see , these all deserved their own post , and I hope I haven,t missed any out , forgive me steph if I have , I also wanted to practice linking up but as this is a second attempt at this post ( the first one was almost done then it went all haywire and for some reason I couldn't, edit it )

So now I,ll publish and leave linking up for later, I have provided links to show and tell (steph's blog ) in an earlier post after having to resort to my laptop



  1. amazing picks - steph's makes were stunning!

    1. Yes Kerry I agree with you and I could,t resist them

  2. Aww! tis never selfish to take as much as you like from the box ^_^ That's what it's for. And you made some beautiful pieces to go back into it.Thanks for giving my little makes their own post!! Ohh! And that is a lovely biscornu to make(did you see the link U put up on FB for the pattern?! I think you might have but if not give me a yell) You can do so many different things with it. i have made a few now all slightly different.
    Happy hugs for you

    1. Yes thanks I did see the link , and thanks for the encouraging words


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