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Friday, 8 October 2010

book blog hop

What's your favorite beverage while reading or blogging, if any? Is it tea, coffee, water, a glass of wine, or something else?

This is the weeks question posted on the book blog hop.
It depends on where and when
If i pick up a book during the day i would have a cup of tea, later on theres nothing like getting your head stuck in a good book with a glass of rose. Of course if you were in France sat outside, enjoying the wonderfull sunshine, a glass of Rose would be  perfect anytime of the day. That is what i did when in France earlier on this year and i read the Eclipse series back to back .

I have just read The Woman in the Fifth by Douglas Kennedy, Best selling author of The Persuit of Happiness.  Another brilliant read all the better for being set in Paris. It keeps you gripped from start to finish and what a finish!!!!   Well worth the read . Enjoy.
Book Blogger Hop


  1. I enjoy a cold Dr. Pepper or depending on the weather hot chocolate while I read or blog!! I am a follower come check out my blog and follow me!!! Have a good weekend

  2. I'm all about my coffee :) And omg don't even get me started on France! I want to go to a French cafe right now for some awesome coffe <3 I've never heard of the book you mentioned but now I want to check it out and see what it's all about :)

  3. Hopping by and following.

    Come to see Murphy's Library.

  4. Happy HOP! I'm a big water and diet soda drinker. The water is for during the day and soda to keep awake a little longer at night. Enjoy your weekend !

    Come HOP by and visit

  5. I'm sensing a Paris theme :) I've never been, but would love, love, love to go. I don't drink (not alcohol, anyway), but I'm sure I could find something to sip outside.

    Glad to have found you via the Hop!

  6. Just hopping by...happy hopping....first-time visitor...trying to visit blogs this weekend that I haven't visited before.

    Beautiful day here in Western Pennsylvania.

  7. Hey Joan! I'm here to answer your question about the book photos on my blog :) To get them posted in my blog posts, I signed up for Amazon Affiliates through Blogger. It's free and easy and you can do it through your Blogger dashboard. Then I just type in the name of the book I want a picture of and click "image" under the book's photo and it's posted right where I'm writing.
    If you mean the book photos on my sidebars, I went to "Design" on my dashboard and clicked on "add a gadget" and clicked on "add a photo". Then I put the caption I wanted. To get the photos added, you either put a link of the photo (like if you have a photo saved on flickr or something), or I go to and right click and save the book cover image I want to a folder on my computer. So I click on "add a photo from my computer" or whatever it says and find the photo on my computer.

    I hope that helps a bit!

  8. hi kelly thanks a lot for your comment thats great i'll give it a go

  9. Just stopping by from the Hop! A bit late... LOL


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