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created 2014

Monday, 4 October 2010


hi all
For the last 4 weeks I have been  on line, checking emails and blogs every day, sometimes twice in one day. You want to know why ?

Back in September I entered a giveaway and with much surprise, Joan was the winner. Now I wonder was it actually me, or was I jumping the gun a bit, because I haven't heard a thing.

I'm reluctant to name the blog, but looking back I'm sure you could guess. I am dissapointed that I haven't heard anything, I mean why do a giveaway then not produce??
The blogger in question hasn't published a post since anouncing the winner, or is it under a different name ?
I've had no reply to my email it's as if this giveaway was non existent or all in my mind .
Oh well

Has anyone else had this experience or am I just unlucky?

Meanwhile on a happy note, I have been testing more patterns for The Happy Hoopy Wool Junkie.
She creates some cute patterns and has just opened her own Etsy shop. Why not go over and check her out, and watch the youtube of Heather hoola hooping, It looks great fun.
Heather (happy hoopy) has given me her permission to share these photos with you, many  thanks to her.

The Happy Hoopy Wool Junkie


The Happy Hoopy Wool Junkie

Sorry Heather but these pictures does'nt give your patterns much justice.
So why don't you visit Heather and see the real things lol
I wish Heather good luck in her new venture and thanks for letting me test.

Thats all for now bye


  1. I love the colours you chose for the cupcake Joan, very yummy looking! Thanks for the kind words about my stuff :-) If anyone's interested then here's the link for my Facebook page

    and blog

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog! The Hop is a lot of fun-it's hosted by and basically every Friday she posts a question that you answer on your blog. Then you sign your name and blog address on the Mr Linky on her page and start checking out the other blogs listed! I've met a lot of great bloggers through it!

    I see you are a crocheter :) I'm an avid knitter myself and actually am supposed to be meeting with my best friend soon so she can teach me how to crochet! Are you a member on

  3. hi grandma its ella just want to let u kbnow that that picture of mini cake is gorgeous! I want one exactly like that.

    love ya ellaxxxx


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